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To enable Arabic on Windows XP, go to:
Control panel,
"Regional and Language Options":

If you have installed "Complex Script"  files before, you can skip to step ( 4 )
1- Click "Language" tab  and check the checkbox labeled "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages...", then click "Apply" button, as in the picture below.
2-A message about installing Supplemental Langguage, will appear, you have to supply your "Windows XP CD", then click "OK".
3-after copying, it will ask to restart your computer, click "NO"...
We will restart later...

4-Click "Advanced" tab to select the language which match the language version of the non-Unicode programs you want to use, and select "Arabic" language.

5-Click "OK" button.

6-A message about copying files maybe appear, click "yes".
7-Then you must restart your computer.
8- Final Step: Reinstalling our program/s:
After enabling Arabic (as detailed in the above instructions) you must re-install our programs/s (Al Muhaddith Search Program and/or Prayer Times) in order to correct their shortcut/s (and/or the AutoStart shortcut for Prayer Times).
Explanation for the need to reinstall Al Muhaddith Search Program and/or Prayer Times: 
During you first installation of Al Muhaddith Search Program or Prayer Times, their shortcuts (in Start / Program Files) were written in the WRONG character set since you did not have Arabic fonts, so you must reinstall Al Muhaddith Search Program or Prayer Times (or both) so that their shortcuts will be displayed in the Arabic character set.
The reinstallation must be performed from our self-installers GOHADxxx.exe or GOPTWxxx.exe, NOT from our CD-ROM, even if you have it. You should not re-install from our CD-ROM because you may overwrite new files that you have downloaded from our site, that are more recent than the CD-ROM. Even though our CD-ROM installer will warn you if this is about to happen (overwriting new files with older ones), yet downloading and using our self-installers is simpler and safer.

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