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Bismillaah al Rahmaan Al Raheem

When "attacks" against Islam are examined rationally,
it comes out ON EACH ISSUE
that Islam should be the accusing party indeed,
not the other way around.

"Of all the world's great men, none has been so much maligned* as Muhammad."
W. Montgomery Watt, Muhammad at Medina,  Oxford University Press, 1956.
* ma-lign: v.t. to speak harmful untruths about... (R. H. Webster's).

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The Answers (Summary)

Latest Additions (in historical order)
We apologize for not being able to add discussions on as many subjects as we would have liked, 
but the other priorities of our project have used up most of our available resources. 
We will continue trying to add more topics, the last of which being "favorite" attacks against Islam: Polygamy and




New May 31, 2003  Early Marriage Enemies of Islam recently devised a new attack:
The Prophet of Islam is surely immoral, for he married Aishah when she was six years old !
October 1, 2001 Islam and "Terrorism" In consequence of the Twin Towers terrorist attack, conscious disfigurations against Islam have increased, attacking Islam as the "Religion of The Sword" or that of "forceful" belief, "harvesting terrorism", ... and the like.
  • This article is for readers willing to judge Islam based on its own scriptures (not the disfigurations of its declared enemies), jurisprudence from these scriptures, and the actions of the Islamic nation based on these: 
    In short, based on how the Muslims apply their scripture, not how a hateful enemy claims.
  • This article is also for readers having the courage to compare historically undeniable facts, including the latest Twin Towers terrorist tragedy.
January 8, 2001 Polygamy One of the most popular subjects of criticism against Islam.
We mention the most direct and candid criticisms: The deep effect of polygamy on woman, and the claim that allowing polygamy in Islam violates the rights of woman?
October 16, 2000 Atonement Minor additions (quotes from Jesus PBUH) to:
Who Maintained the Literal Meaning?
March 3, 1999 Atonement Added Introduction
To come, insha'a llaah   Inconsistency, Theological-Errors, Woman's-Status, Islam-and-Terrorism,  Jesus-&-Muhammad-PBU Them

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Bismillaah al Rahmaan Al Raheem

  1. Muslim-Christian dialogs:
    Several Muslim-Christian "dialogs" of the highest quality have occurred, where both parties have exchanged their common views and cares, in commendable efforts toward understanding and cooperation on our most important goals.
    Muslims, Christians and several other religions share fundamental issues: The belief in one God, in the duty to respect Him, and to act best toward His other creatures. These goals can indeed present guidelines for world peace and understanding.
    Such dialogs are necessary especially due to the explosion of information in our age, fostered especially through the internet and international television satellites. Man can no longer act in seclusion, and if world-wide peace is to be fostered, an understanding of other religions is imperative. This is more so true because all Muslims believe in the actual coming of Jesus, Peace and Blessings be upon him, and that the whole world would then be united under one faith. For many Muslims, it is important to build bridges between religions, and such "dialogs" are the best ways toward that end, no matter how long in the future it may occur.
  2. Attacks against Islam.
    Despite the great benefit from inter-religious "dialogs", several attacks have been aimed at Islam, which, to the uninformed person, present a totally false impression about that religion. It is therefore necessary to discuss these issues and present Islam's answer about them.
    A special parable describes the story of two brothers who lost each other in the wilderness. One of them sees a shape in a distance and, thinking it is wild animal, he prepares his weapon. As he gets closer, he realizes this is a man, but holds stronger onto his weapon, preparing for an enemy or a bandit. As he gets closer, his fears diminish until he recognizes his lost brother.
    Such is the case for Muslims and Christians: Alienated by centuries of lies, mistrust, and rejection of the basic truth that man's nature is essentially good. If we accept our own good intentions, we must give credit to others of being capable of the same.
    Our answers will therefore address attacks against Islam from various sources, all aiming at non-informed people. If Islam is to be examined, it must be examined as taught by its own people, not as deformed by its attackers or claimants.
    Some "attacks" are very well known "stereotypes", whereby their sources do not need to be mentioned.
    Other attacks are specific, such as Grammatical issues, and we will simply include the text of such attacks to the best of our ability.
  3. Abrasiveness? 
    We have attempted to select the least abrasive terms when writing our answers, yet we noticed that sometimes the mere description of facts can hurt more than words.
    For such instances we offer the well known advice: If you don't like the heat, don't stay in the kitchen.
  4. Concerning Christians.
    Since most attacks we are answering are from Christian theologians, a special mention must be made concerning the majority of Christians:
    They are praised in our Holy Quran and by our beloved prophet (PBUH) for several important features, and all Muslims accept their praise in their hearts. Human nature is basically good, and several among us have met Christians of the highest integrity and morals.
    Any negative comments we may include apply specifically only to people who willfully conceal the truth and corrupt God's revealed messages, not against the average impartial and honest Christian.
  5. Conclusion:
    To conclude this section, the following summary is presented concerning these attacks, and the features they share in common:
    • Several written attacks almost "shout" in a surprising display of hatred. Surprising not only because the hatred is hard to explain, but especially for what they claim to stand for: The religion of loving one's enemy, and "turning the other cheek". You can almost hear the same personality shouting from some book and another video taped debate.
    • Several are totally ignorant of the subject in point (as will be shown for example for the topic of the Arabic language inshaa'a llaah - God Willing).
    • Several contain blatant refusal of historical facts.
    • Several contain fundamental violations of logic and common sense.


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False-Prophet? | Atonement | Grammatical-Mistakes | Polygamy | Early Marriage | Inconsistency | Theological-Errors | Woman's-Status | Islam and "Terrorism" | Jesus-&-Muhammad-PBUT | to-continue..

  • To come inshaa'a llaah: Jesus and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Them)

Top | Introduction | The Answers
False-Prophet? | Atonement | Grammatical-Mistakes | Polygamy | Early Marriage | Inconsistency | Theological-Errors | Woman's-Status | Islam and "Terrorism" | Jesus-&-Muhammad-PBUT | to-continue..

  • More to come inshaa'a llaah if necessary...

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